Catan Enterprises is a member-managed LLC registered in the State of Montana. We have been in existence since January 2011 with the goals of creating and improving the economic, social, and environmental infrastructure of our company and its surroundings. In 2011, we acquired and began construction on a super-insulated home which we finished in 2012. This project established the basis of our business model, which is to acquire underutilized and undervalued properties and add to their value.


Catan strives to improve the lives of its members, tenants, neighbors, and neighborhoods through development and improvement of properties around Helena. By performing high-efficiency infill development, we promote a walkable, more vibrant city environment for our tenants. We choose our properties based on high potential in terms of building additional infrastructure, remodel potential, and up-and-coming neighborhoods. We strive to do our part in increasing the value of our surroundings by creating highly attractive buildings and landscaping.


As the owner of rental properties, Catan strives to streamline the management of the properties it owns. Mr. Perkins has developed a set of cost and time saving rental policies and procedures which allow Catan to effectively market, maintain, and manage our properties to minimize depreciation, maximize occupancy, anticipate the needs and desires of our lessors, and maximize profits.


Catan is positioning itself to become a major player in the construction and property management market of Helena Montana, with possible expansions occasionally considered. We are guided by our belief that in our market, profitability, social consciousness, and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. We are careful not to enter into entanglements, nor to over-extend beyond our abilities. Playing conservatively in this arena, we have been able to realize our goals of dramatically increasing our net worths all while maintaining a perfect track record with our creditors (as well as with our tenants). We are looking to expand beyond self-construction into the field of being our own general contractors, with a gradual amping-up of our presence in the field of construction and property management here in Helena. Using in-depth studies of historical trends and patterns of economic and social forces, we thoroughly analyze each project we undertake for profitability as well as potential liabilities.


This group of four friends recognized similar interests and goals in themselves during a planning process starting in fall of 2010. All in their mid to late 20’s, we selected these four members based on their complementary skillsets and interests.

Kyle K. Perkins

Kyle Kyle is the driving force behind Catan’s planning and strategic positioning. Passionate about applied mathematics and physics, Kyle has devoted his energy to off-grid sustainable living practices while continually fulfilling his passion for real estate investing.

Tyler J. Anfinson

Tyler A graduate of the University of Montana, Tyler is interested in pedagogy, transfer of knowledge, and enthusiastically tackling goals. He is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program at Montana State University.

T. Jennings Anderson

Jennings Jenings graduated from Carroll College with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently back in school at the University of Colorado Boulder as PhD student of computer Science where he studies the use of social media during emergency and crises.

J. Sky Orndoff

Sky A graduate of the University of Montana, Sky is passionate about building science as it pertains to environmental responsibility and energy conservation. Working previously as full-time installer of Solar Electric systems with Solar Montana, Sky is now pursuing a degree in Counseling at the University of Montana, Missoula.