2500 Hauser Boulevard

Catan Enterprises completed their first ground-up construction project: 2500 Hauser Boulevard in October 2012, 16 busy months after the groundbreaking. The house is nearly 1300 sq. ft of finished living area including 3 bedrooms and one bathroom.


The house is sided with local blue stained pine, or beetle-kill pine from property adjacent the Lewis & Clark National Forest. These trees were thinned in fire-prevention measures and milled by us during Summer and Fall 2012.

This is our only property currently to embrace a Larson-Truss framing design. This means that the walls are one foot thick, composed of two layers of traditional 2x4 framing with a 4-inch gap separating the two walls. Once sealed with a vapor barrier, these walls were filled with loose-fill cellulose. This super-insulated home kept us cool in the summer during construciton months and we have heard from our tenants that a small fire in the central woodstove will keep the home very comfortable in the winter. The home also features electric baseboard heat to supplement the woodstove.

You can read more about this process and see photos on the blog that Sky kept at the time: earth.art.build